Replace or Repair Old Glass Windows?

If you are looking to save energy, repair is typically the smarter way to go. Most homeowners think that the cost of new windows is worth it because of the energy savings. However, it is not. That is one of the biggest mistakes most homeowners make.

Glass Windows

The best cure for reducing your energy bill are not new windows. Some projects, like glass repair, have much more impact than purchasing new ones.

Here are some guides for you to decide whether to repair or replace your glass window:

  • Rotting Wood

Symptoms of rotting wood includes dividers and sashes that allow leaking of water or air into your home and rotten frames. One of the reason of rotting wood is when your sprinklers regularly blast your windows. Other causes are if your wood is not painted or primed properly, consistently exposed to humid weather and wet, and if it is not sufficiently seasoned.

The cost to repair rotting wood depends on the amount of rot you have. Small areas of rot can be patched with epoxy that costs around $25. Hiring a professional can cost you around $90 up to $250.

If the damage is spotty, consider repairing it. However, consider replacing your glass windows if the frames are intensely rotten.

  • Broken Panes

Symptoms of broken panes includes chips, scratches, or cracks. It is mostly caused by abrasive cleaners, storm damage, or any physical hit. Glass replacement usually costs $3 up to $14 per square feet. Replacing the frame that holds the glass, also known as sash, can cost you around $40 up to $250. It would cost you $100 up to $300 if you hire a professional to install the glass.

Consider replacement if you have cheap vinyl windows. However, if you have multi-pane, aluminum clad, or vintage windows, consider repairing them since it would cost you more than $500 to replace each.

  • Broken Seals

Broken seals symptoms include streaks between triple or double panes or foggy condensation, also known as “blown” windows. Heat is the major cause of broken seals. This is because heat brings expansions and contractions that will eventually destroy the seals. It is really hard to salvage the pane once the seal is broken. There are some companies that offers glass de-fogging with valves and solution. However, its reviews on the internet appears to be unhappy with the results. The permanent and most practical fix is to replace the entire sash, which will cost you around $40 up to $250.

  • Cranky Windows

If you have windows that won’t operate or open smoothly, then you have cranky windows. Causes include hardware breaks, accumulation of grit and dirt in balances and track, and sashes painted shut. Usually, it would only require breaking the paint seal with a putty knife if you want to open a window that is painted-shut. On the other hand, a hiring a professional could cost you $50 up to $270.

There are many companies that offer glass replacement or glass repair in Bolton and other parts in the World. And you can easily contact them with just one click through their websites.

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